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Daily Curriculum

This is an approximation of activities we do with the children. This IS NOT an exact layout, as we structure our routines to meet the needs of the individual children present, make adjustments due to weather conditions and other conditions which may arise throughout the time the children are present.

As of September 2013 we are proud to announce that we will be using The Creative Curriculum for our curriculum!

 Alphabet/Numbers~sing ABC song, trace letters/numbers, make letters/numbers with various supplies such as string, paint, glue and sand, and count various toys, calendar days etc…

Color/Shape Recognition~work with children using different medias such as crayons/markers/paints, when playing with blocks/trains/dolls/eating food/etc…we talk with the children about the different colors/shapes of those items. Ask them questions to see if they know which color/shape is which, etc…

Music~we sing nursery rhymes, listen to the radio or pre-recorded music, sing songs from books on hand, and we also encourage the children to make up their own songs.

Reading~the children are read to each day, children are allowed to choose the book(s) they would like to hear. We also have a listening center where multiple children can listen to a story being read and hold the book themselves. We also encourage older children to read to the younger children and even for the younger children to “read” to each other.

Exercise~we start our day off with just a few minutes of wiggling and jiggling! This helps our more active children settle and concentrate. We do attempt to take the children outside daily all year long when the weather permits. We may not always be able to do so depending on how children are dressed for the day, we do ask that parents please bring weather appropriate clothing. In the summertime we usually walk down to the city park on a daily basis unless the temperature is above 95 degrees (due to possible sunburns/heat stroke/etc…) we attempt to have the children out first thing in the morning before 11am or after 3pm to avoid these issues

Day of the Week/Weather Center~each morning we talk to the children about what day it is and what the weather is doing outside.  We have our monthly calendar, day of the week chart and weather chart that the children may view to help them get a sense of time

Dramatic Play/Dress Up~ we have on hand over 60 outfits the children are allowed to use. Outfits include career outfits such as fireman/policeman/train conductor/doctor as well as imaginary outfits for variety. We do not use any type of toy weapons or face paint. We also encourage all the children to play with the baby dolls, studies have shown that children who play with baby dolls become more caring and compassionate adults. (We feel that there can’t be too much caring and compassionate in this world)

Meals~ food is always important! We provide each child with a USDA approved meal or snack while in attendance for the day. We do not serve sugary snacks! We ask that no outside food or drinks be brought to school. If you would like to send a snack for the class to share on your child’s birthday it MUST be an unopened store bought item. Please let us know in advance if you would like to do this.

Painting/Drawing/Crafts~ all children are allowed to participate in our craft time, we use non toxic paints and glues for this reason. Rock painting, gluing various items to paper/cardboard/rocks etc…, stamping, play-doh, drawing with pencils/ pens/markers/crayons, planting seeds in paper cups, growing crystals, using stencils and making beaded jewelry are some of the many crafts the child can do while here. We do try and do simple holiday themed crafts the week the holiday falls on.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills~ the children have access to a variety of fine motor skill activities such as what is listed above as well as working with oversized beads and string, building with a variety of different shaped blocks, manipulating play doh/clay/etc… Gross motor skills are not only used when the children are outdoors but in as well. We have  a rocking boat that can be turned over and used for agility, we have crawling tubes for the children, there are child sized rocking chairs for their use. Outdoors we have everything from  merry go rounds,  NON-MOTORIZED cars that the children drive, spring ponies to ride, jump ropes, Frisbees, child sized basketball hoops, hoola hoops, etc… We also have a sand and water table that manipulates both fine and gross motor skills.

Clean Up~at the end of each day all children are required to help clean up before going home! We sing the “clean up” song to encourage them to participate.

*Due to seasonal changes, unforeseen events, school scheduling as well as other issues that may take place during the course of the day/evening, the above times are approximate and can be adjusted to create a more enriching program more suitable to the children in attendance during these times.  Also due to Oregon’s wet weather season, we do encourage the children to go outside to play as much as possible when the weather is mild, thus creating additional outdoor time and possibly less of another scheduled indoor activity.


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