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Listed below are the BASE tuition rates for part and full time positions. Please check out our DISCOUNT page for PREPAY DISCOUNTS!

We charge a FLAT MONTHLY TUITION: (which can be paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly)

These tuition’s are for PRIVATE pay and DHS pay clients FOR CHILDCARE.


___Part Time–see chart below
___Full Time–see chart below












63-135 Part Time

136-215 Full Time

Infant (6wks-24mo)






Preschool (37mo-6 yrs)



School (6-12 yrs)



An additional $6.00 per hour per child (Infant/Toddler/Preschool age) or  $5.00 per hour per child (School age) will be added to the full time tuition if more than 215 hours are needed per month. This DOES include state pay individuals who receive DHS assistance. Please note: you will be responsible for the difference and must include this amount in with your co-pay if you have one. DHS DOES NOT cover 100% of your childcare expenses (care for non-working hours, transport charges, reimbursement for damages, etc.). Any parent(s) who are receiving DHS assistance with their childcare and do not complete the necessary paperwork with DHS which will cause a delay in payment or denial of a monthly billing form will be considered as self pay, this means you will be financially responsible for your bill until DHS issues a billing form for payment, you must also prepay for childcare services as well. If you go over your monthly allotment from DHS you are responsible for paying the balance by 9pm on the 5th of the following month along with your current months copay. All remaining balances from the previous month MUST BE PAID in full before paying the current months copay.  If a remaining balance and/or copay is due and not paid by 9pm on the 5th, a late payment fee will be charged.  A written receipt is given for each payment received unless requested otherwise. All payments received are non-refundable.

All children attending childcare MUST be in attendance a minimum of 63 hours per month. (Preschool students are NOT required to attend a minimum of 63 hours per month)

All children ages 3,4 and 5 yrs. old will receive our preschool program for NO ADDITIONAL FEE if they are scheduled to attend daycare during our PRESCHOOL times!

Other fees: diapers $1.00ea., wipes $5.00box, upholstery cleaning $5.00 per area, all other items are cost plus 25%. All charges will be due the day of occurrence. This includes any damages to childcare property or personal property. (These fees are ONLY charged when the supplies are not brought from home.)

Tuition is non-refundable.


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